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Developments in flotation reagents have made the recovery of a wide variety of oxide, carbonate and silicate minerals by flotation a more much effective and economic process.


SGS is the most experienced and trusted organization in the mineral processing industry. Our state-of-the art technical expertise resolves challenging oxide and reverse flotation problems, providing a practical, sustainable flowsheet design.

Grinding and surface chemistry are critical to the success of oxide flotation and SGS has the industry-leading grinding and mineralogy capability required. SGS experts use careful stage grinding and selection of equipment to avoid over-grinding the brittle minerals. High definition mineralogy instruments such as QEMSCANTM rapidly analyzes hundreds of thousands of points on a polished section, providing critical deportment and liberation information.

In reverse flotation, proper reagents induce the pay minerals to become hydrophobic (water repelling) and the waste minerals to become hydrophilic (water attracting). Aeration is added through spargers at the bottom of the flotation cell. The bubbles attract and then float the waste minerals, leaving the pay minerals in the underflow. SGS has extensive experience conducting reverse flotation for minerals such as iron ore and fluorite.

SGS can determine flotation kinetics, appropriate reagents, and perform computer modeling to design and optimize your flotation circuit. We have extensive experience in diverse regimes for the treatment of a wide range of minerals such as

  • Barite, fluorite and topaz
  • Zinc oxide
  • Iron ore
  • Cassiterite, wolframite, scheelite and tantalite
  • Copper, lead, and zinc carbonate minerals
  • Ilmenite and rutile
  • Zircon, monazite and rare earth bearing minerals
  • Phosphate minerals and spodumene
  • Silicate minerals

SGS can combine conventional and innovative technologies to ensure your flowsheet yields the best recovery in the most cost effective manner. Our technical team will deliver a bankable custom flowsheet design that meets your targets and incorporates flotation equipment of the proper sizing and configuration. Contact us today.